The fastest way to memories you love

Effortless organisation of your family photos

Are your photos out of control?

It probably didn't start off this way

We love taking photos

Who can resist, your kids are so cute. You've captured every moment on your phone. Then you sorted, shared and maybe even printed them.

The photo mountain grows

But time passes, now you have tens of thousands of pictures in your unorganised photo pile. You began the endless scrolling, knowing that some great moments are lost forever.

Keepers to the rescue

So we've designed an app that combats the stress. By organising your photos, and helping you create wonderful collections, we'll give you these precious memories back.

Let our AI do the chores

In a few simple steps, go from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

Focus on what matters

Keepers skips over screenshots, memes and identifies similar shots. Visually similar photos are grouped together into moments.

Effortless face tagging

You show us a few examples of what each family member looks like over the years. Our app will find the rest.

Neatly organised

It's the Marie Kondo method for your photos. Except, you don't have to do the hard work. With the calendar view, you can easily find events, relive past memories and spark joy with your photos again.

Enjoy. Easy as!

The app comes with a powerful and easy-to-use search engine. With all your photos organised, it only takes minutes to make photo books, share pictures, create videos & playlist.

Frequent Asked Questions

Are my photos safe?

Your photos always stay on your phone. We won’t interfere with any backups or iCloud storage you already use. We don’t ‘store’ your photos. Think of us as a filter.

Do you delete photos?

We never delete a picture. We only ever filter them out.

We have pets as part of our family. Can Keepers identify them?

We know how important pets are to family life, and we are working on training our AI to do this. With the upcoming release, you can create albums using the search term Dog, Cat, Horse etc., but it’ll be the next major release before our ‘Pets’ feature is active.

Can I link my partner's phone pictures?

We recognise that it’s crucial for many parents to keep their family photos in sync. And even better, automatically. We are working on this and hope to launch it on both Apple & Android platforms in the next major release.

Why do you want to know where I call home?

To understand when you are going to visit relatives or on holiday, we need to know where your home base is. Then we use geo data to find the location of your trips.

Can I block someone from appearing?

Yes, this feature will be included in a future release.

How much will the app cost?

We are still working on the exact price for the subscription plan. It is likely to cost between $3.95 and $9.95 per month.

What happens if I stop subscribing?

You can keep the app on your phone, and your folder structure will stay the same. We won’t update your albums when new photos get uploaded. You won’t be able to share albums, and the albums you have shared will expire after three months. You can resubscribe at any time.

Is there an incentive to sign up early?

As we are still in active product development, if you are among the first 1,000 people signing up now, you'll gain free unlimited access for the first 12 months when the app becomes publically available.

The Keepers promise

To protect your privacy and remain faithful to our principles

The team of parents creating Keepers know how precious your photos are. We are firmly committed to keeping your families' memories safe & secure.

We want Keepers to be the guardian of your family memories. We charge subscription fee to earn our living. We won’t sell your data or your privacy.

We are becoming a Benefit corporation. It is a for profit company with a legal mandate to make decisions that benefit society as well as the shareholders.

We want our children and their children to enjoy this beautiful blue planet. We commit to the 1% for the planet scheme and hope to go further when we can.

So does it work?

We asked our product testing parents

Laura, TV producer

“ People expect a TV producer to have their photos organised. I didn't! My family photos were mixed up with thousands of work photos and screenshots. But this app did all of the work. No more scrolling for me!”

Tash, Dentist

“ Each photo of my son is automatically added to his own album. Seeing images from ages ago brought such a smile to my face. I won't worry about losing photos in the future. ”


“ I don't use many apps, and a friend convinced me to help test Keepers. It was so much better than I expected. I even made a photo book during my kid's gym class.  I love how fast & easy it is.”

You need us. We need you.

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