Some memories are beyond precious. You want to hold on to them forever. Maybe in a photobook. But that's a lot of work!

We asked people why making a photobook is so hard. Here is what we learned and how Keepers can help.

80% said it's too slow to find the right photos. Keepers' AI Curatd Photo Library helps you find photos fast. Photos taken together will be grouped together so you can get to the photo you want quickly.
72% told us it was too laborious. Let Keepers Page Layout AI create your first draft. Keepers analyses your photos and recommend the right layouts for them. Taking you 90% on your photobook journey.
68% felt that the process was too fiddly. Fune tune with simple yet comprehensive tools. Whether it’s trying out different templates, rearranging photos or enhancing the images, we’ve got the toolkit you’ll love.

Meet the Books

Premium soft cover books

Each book is measured at 20x20cm, roughly the width of an A4 paper. Price starts from $39.95. This base price include a generous 40 pages, then $1.00 per extra page.

True to life colours

All our books are made using premium quality 100% recycled paper. The book cover uses heavy-weight satin paper and the interior pages have a magazine-quality finish.

Durable Binding

The pages are bound together using strong yet flexible glue, then trimmed with a sharp, crispy and neatly finish. Please note that the binding does not allow the book to lay flat.

Frequent Asked Questions

How about my live photos and videos?

You can still print them as still photos. iOS' Photos will automatically pick a frame to represent the video, which we use as the photo.

Do you offer hard cover books or lay flat books?

Not yet. We are expecting to offer hard cover books in the next few months. Lay flat books and cloth-covered books will take a bit longer.

I have downloaded Keepers and have a technical question. How do I get in contact with you?

Please reach us at [email protected]. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

The Keepers promise

To protect your privacy and remain faithful to our principles

The team of parents creating Keepers know how precious your memories are. We are firmly committed to keeping your families' memories safe & secure.

We are becoming a Benefit corporation. It is a for profit company with a legal mandate to make decisions that benefit society as well as the shareholders.

We want our children and their children to enjoy this beautiful blue planet. We commit to the 1% for the planet scheme and hope to go further when we can.

So does it work?

We asked our early testing parents what they thought of Keepers

Laura, TV producer

Treasure on my phone. “ Not only did I find all the photos for my book incredibly quickly, I also discovered some forgotten gems that had been lost on my phone! ”

Tash, Dentist

I'm inspired! “ I've been hesitant about making photobooks in the past because it would take too long and can be too tricky. But honestly, this has been the best thing I've done this year. ”


Super speedy! “ A friend convinced me to try out Keepers and I have become obsessed! Today I even makde a book during my kid's gym class. ”

Download Keepers  today!

For feedback, issues & requests, please email us at [email protected]. Our physical address is 26 Bath Street, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. Our contact number is (64)21-0822-3483. Our Privacy Policy. TLDR: your photos stay on your device. We won't send your private data to the cloud.